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The Investor Rights Clinic provides a resource if you are an investor who may have claims against your broker for investment losses, but your claims are too small for you to find legal representation.

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Does My Claim Qualify?

The Clinic has established the following investor and claim eligibility guidelines:

  • Claimed losses should not exceed $100,000.
  • Clients’ annual household income should not exceed $100,000.
  • Clients should not have any major assets aside from their home, car, and the investment that led to their claimed losses.
  • Preference will be given to Florida residents and senior citizens.

What if My Claim Does Not Meet the Guidelines?

In certain circumstances, the Clinic may agree to undertake the representation of investors who do not meet all the guidelines listed above. The Clinic operates as part of the University of Miami School of Law Clinics, a non-profit organization and, as such, has limited resources and cannot accept every eligible case. A decision not to take your case is not a decision about the merits of your particular matter.

How Do I Inquire About Representation?

If you believe that you meet the IRC’s guidelines and you wish to consider student representation of your claim, please fill out the Client Questionnaire or contact the Clinic at (305) 284-8234. All potential clients will be asked to complete a client questionnaire (online form or over-the-phone) in order for the Clinic to conduct an initial evaluation of your eligibility assessment of your claim. A printable version of the Client Questionnaire is available here.

If it appears that your case may be suitable for student representation, the Clinic will contact you to learn more about your case and arrange an interview at our office, located at 1311 Miller Drive, Suite A312, Coral Gables, Florida 33146. After that meeting, if both you and the Clinic agree that representation is appropriate, you will enter into an agreement authorizing the Clinic to represent you. If, based on the questionnaire, your matter does not appear suitable for the Clinic, you will be notified promptly by letter.

How Much Will it Cost?

The Clinic does not charge attorneys fees. However, investors are responsible for all other costs incurred in an arbitration and/or mediation, such as filing and hearing fees. An arbitration filing fee calculator is available at FINRA’s website. Upon demonstration of hardship, the IRC may be able to assist in defraying costs.

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